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Sony Comes Out Swinging At LG Passive 3D TV Technology

Sony Comes Out Swinging At LG Passive 3D TV Technology

Samsung were so incensed with LG advertising in Australia for their passive 3D TV technology that they recently took the local LG subsidiary to court in an effort to stop the advertising campaign. A Federal Court Judge rejected their claims.

Reacting to attacks on its 3DTV technology by LG Electronics, Sony sent an email to US trade magazine Twice who the prior day had run the same LG research story as SmartHouse.

Sony Vice President Mike Abary said in the email “Customers are choosing with their wallets, Active is outselling passive by over about 6 to 1”

He said that Sony’s active lens technology delivers the best and brightest 3D images available on the market.

What Abary failed to explain was that active shutter technology used by Sony has been around longer than the LG passive 3D TV technology which was launched in Australia in April 2011.

He also failed to address the issue of 3D viewing brightness, the weight of active shutter glasses, as well as issues associated with flicker rates identified by LG during their recent Court case in Australia.

Last week LG issued the findings of a blind, head-to-head consumer study measuring preferences for LG’s passive glasses 3DTVs against a Samsung active-shutter glasses-based 3DTV and separately against a Sony active-shutter set.

The study which was conducted for LG by Morpace research said that “more than three quarters of the respondents preferred LG Cinema 3D for the immersive 3D experience (78 percent), 3D effect (77 percent), overall picture quality (77 percent) and 3D glasses (78 percent).”