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Surface Duo Set For Android 11 update… One Day

Announced this week at Microsoft’s annual Surface event, the Surface Duo 2 is going to be packing Android 11 when it ships out soon. But anyone with the first Duo will be sitting waiting with Android 10 until who knows exactly when.

Now, with Android 12 almost on our steps, there’s still no word on when the Duo will even upgrade to 11.

It was reported in February that it would nab the upgrade in the northern summer. But that’s been and gone and still no official word on an update date.

The best news is from a Microsoft spokesperson that they’re working on it for before the end of the year.

So hopefully it’ll be here before Christmas, or possibly in time to countdown for the New Year…

Also no word on when the Surface Duo 2 will get to embrace Android 12.

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