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Sub $600 iPhone Tipped As Apple Struggles To Deliver Growth

Desperate to hold onto iPhone sales Apple is set to look at a “cheap” iPhone, while LG is struggling to deliver OLED screens for larger model iPhones.

The move to ranging a cheap model comes as analysts tip a big fall in iPhone sales, the new device is set to be announced in September according to sources in Taiwan, it will have a 6.1-inch cheap bottom end display screen.

The new 2018 range is set to consist of three different handsets, the two more expensive models will have a 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED screen.

The smaller of the OLED models will be the same size as the iPhone X and will serve as an update to that phone, and the bigger one will be something like an iPhone X Plus.

Some say the new cheap iPhone will retail as low as $550, according to a new report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests.

The cheaper version of the iPhone is likely to be aimed at the mid-level market that is currently occupied by a whole range of Android phones.

In other problems for Apple the big US Company is struggling to wean themselves off having to buy Samsung made components.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, LG Display is struggling to make the OLED panels Apple wants for upcoming iPhone models. Apple has been working with LG, hoping it could become its second supplier of OLED smartphone panels. Apple currently sources the OLED panels for the iPhone X from rival Samsung.

The report claims that South Korea’s LG Display ran into “manufacturing problems” that held up display production, causing LG to fall behind Apple’s pre-production timeline. Apple reportedly asked LG to go through a third round of prototype production for the OLED panels, an unusual step for most component manufacturers.

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