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SteelSeries Reveal Worlds Fastest Keyboards

SteelSeries have unveiled two new keyboards that the company say offer the fastest response time in the world.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini and Apex Pro Mini Wireless join the lengthy lineup of premium gaming keyboards under the Apex moniker, with a range of features that bring down the response time and bring up the price tag.

The switches used in the new keyboards are OmniPoint 2.0s, which have an operation range of 0.2mm and 3.8mm, which makes them faster and much more adjustable. At 0.2mm, SteelSeries say that their new keyboards have the fastest response time in the world, sitting at 0.54ms.

The keyboards also feature Dual Action keypresses, which allow users to bind multiple actions to one key, which will come in hand with games that require specific and precise rotations such as MOBAs and MMORPGs.

The Apex Pro Mini series lives up to its name, sitting at only 60% of the size of a regular keyboard, which allows for more desk real estate for mouse movement.

What isn’t mini however, it’s the price tag – roughly $320 for the wired model and roughly $436 for the wireless model. While there hasn’t been official Australian pricing and availability announced yet, these prices make these mini keyboards more expensive than some of the most premium full sized keyboards on the market. Is it worth it?

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