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Steam Brings VR Gaming To Microsoft

Steam, the digital distribution platform which offers multiplayer gaming, video streaming, and social networking services will next week allow users to play games in Microsoft’s mixed reality. Starting Monday November 15th consumers now have the option to play games from the gaming platform Steam in Windows Virtual Reality via gaming headset.

Only a few games will be available on the start date, with more games to come in the next couple of months. The software is still very new, but will be updated with more content later confirmed by Greg Sullivan of Microsoft. He assured that there will still be a good amount of content on the launch date for players.

Windows Mixed Reality’s Steam VR preview program, which is currently open to developers, will open to anyone with Windows 10. The Steam VR bridge essentially shuttles people from Windows 10’s virtual reality Cliff House to Steam’s own virtual reality home. Once here gamers can test out any of the Steam VR games that are available through windows.

Microsoft has promised that all Steam VR apps excluding Oculus and Vive exclusive titles will work with Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Steam VR apps will not need to be optimised to work in Windows Mixed Reality, however Microsoft does recommend users do this to make Virtual Reality gaming easier.

Mr. Sullivan does acknowledge that VR and Mixed reality for Microsoft are works in progress. But Microsoft’s eventual goal is to have Windows mixed reality’s whole system feel like an easy seamless program for users.

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