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Stamp-Sized Gaming Console Has OLED Display

Described by its principal engineer as a “high-quality product with a powerful processor,” the Thumby has an OLED display, but it isn’t much bigger than a stamp but is said to play on the level of a regular-sized gaming console.

Made by appropriately named Ohio-based company TinyCircuits, it looks like a Game Boy and comes stacked with five retro games, such as Nokia fave Snake, Tetris and Space Invaders, though users can create their own games using the MicroPython programming language and play multiplayer games through a linking cable.

Currently being sold through Kickstarter from around $25, it charges and updates software through a micro-USB.

To make it even more fun, it has a key chain attached to a key ring, so you’re basically ready to game in OLED glory anywhere, anytime.

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