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LG To Launch $8k Laser TV IN OZ

LG To Launch $8k Laser TV IN OZ

The LG laser projector, which consists of a short-throw projector and a 100-inch specialised projector screen, will be revealed in Sydney tonight.

The 1080p projector delivers a 100-inch screen when placed 56cm away from a projection surface.

The device features a digital tuner and 10w speakers built-in, with three HDMI inputs, an RS-232 port and Smart TV capabilities.

SmartHouse first saw this TV at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. The laser lamp which lasts up to 25,000 hours delivers a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio; it also has Wi-Fi and Miracast compatibility built in.

. LG claims the laser system will run for up to 25,000 hours without replacement.

It also has all of the LG Smart TV functionality including access to local applications and catch up TV services.