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Watch for Apple iTime on September 9

Watch for Apple iTime on September 9

Although some have expected Apple’s iTime/iWatch to launch in October, a new report from Re/code’s John Paczkowski says it’s coming in September after all. 
Re/code’s writers such as Paczkowski and Walt Mossberg have a long history of close relations with Apple and anonymous Apple sources in the know, so when Re/code reports something Apple related, it’s generally extremely reliable. 
So, when a Re/code report comes out stating Apple’s newest wearable device will launch in September, rather than previous expectations of October, it’s “time” to take notice. 
Mr Paczkowski’s report says: “The new device will, predictably, make good use of Apple’s HealthKit health and fitness platform”, as well as taking advantage of Apple’s HomeKit framework for controlling connected devices, although the report states: “it’s not clear how broadly or in what way”.

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We’re pretty certain Apple’s iTime/iWatch will look nothing like this transparent concept – but with Apple, you never know!

The report waxes lyrical on how nice it would be to turn lights on and off from the wrist, or to control an Apple TV, but notes those use cases are simply speculation.  

Even so, with all the buzz around fitness and health monitoring, and with all the potential of Apple’s massive app library, loyal developers and loyal customers, the potential for a mould-breaking category buster is clear. 
If Apple succeeds, iWatch wearers could well starting having the time of their lives – we’ll know from September 9 onwards, which is September 10 in Australia!