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Spotify Teams With Netflix For Soundtrack Hub

Spotify and Netflix have teamed to provide users of the music streaming service with hundreds of Netflix-related soundtracks.

The official hub, available on Spotify, offers all the audio from the likes of The Crown, Squid Games, Cowboy Bebop and more, along with podcasts about Netflix programming.

Spotify explained that the hub is reacting to the “internet-wide obsessions” that Netflix programming fuels.

“So much so that within two weeks of Squid Game’s debut on Netflix, Spotify listeners had created more than 22,500 unique themed playlists to keep the experience going,” a Spotify spokesperson explains.

“It’s clear that after the credits roll, viewers are left wanting even more — and they come to Spotify to hear it. So starting today, the two streaming companies are coming together to launch an all-new Netflix Hub on Spotify where fans can get the full audio-streaming experience from the entertainment they love.”

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