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New Samsung Display Technology Set To Make CES Debut, Sony On Board

Samsung is one of the big global brands that is set to make a noise at CES 2022, and the reason could be the release of new QD-OLED TV technology which some are tipping is new technology that Sony is set to adopt.

Instead of using the words OLED that are linked with LG, Samsung is tipped to use CES to launch a new branding based QD Display for their top end TV’s.

The big South Korean brand is not listed in the official CES press conference list and I suspect; they are set to host a break away event to launch their new TV technology.

QD-OLED is a hybrid display technology that combines quantum dots and OLED panels and if successful could end up placing pressure on archival LG Electronics who dominate in the OLED market.

By combining the two technologies, Samsung is hoping to crack the code for perfect displays.

The ideal for cutting edge picture quality is to combine brilliant colour, true blacks, and high brightness without any haloing.

Sources claim that mass production will begin this month and that Australia could see these TVs in stores in March or April 2022.

Samsung Display CEO Choi Joo-sun (pictured below) said this week, “QD Display will mass-produce and release 65-inch and 55-inch TVs and 34-inch monitors and decide whether to increase production based on the market reaction to the product”.

And this is where CES plays a key role.

This is an event where retailers are introduced to a product for the first time and depending on the reaction of retailers it can often dictate the success or failure of a new product”.

Sony, a key customer of LG Display’ OLED panels, is planning on launching QD-OLED TVs in 2022 according to sources in South Korea

A report from ChosunBiz claims that Samsung will start supplying OD-OLED panels to Sony from November 2021. This indicates that the Japanese brand has seen the technology and likes what they have been shown.

The adoption of QD OLED technology by Sony who have gradually been increasing their share of the market at the expense of Chinese brand Hisense could hurt LG Display as Sony is a major purchaser of LG OLED panels.

A QD-OLED contain pixels with red and green quantum dots, illuminated by blue OLED material.

There is also the possibility that Sony will also launch its QD-OLED or QD Display models at CES 2022.

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