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Spotify Announces 140 Million Monthly Users

Music streaming service Spotify has passed another membership milestone, with the company revealing it now boasts over 140 active monthly users.

Writing on the company’s official blog, VP and head of Global Sales Spotify’s high-velocity audience growth cements our place as the leading media platform for music, fans and brands. As our global monthly active user number continues to climb, more consumers engage with us across their day and devices.”

“Through this engagement, we are constantly learning about our audience through streaming intelligence–our rich, first-party data.  We believe these differentiated insights create innovative experiences for our audience, personalized to their wants and need states. Spotify is leading the way in this new era of personalization, and now we can do more than ever to connect brands with their target audiences.”

According to him, “we are just beginning to explore what these amazing insights can do for brands. It’s an exciting time for our Spotify global advertising business. We launched our free, ad-supported tier on mobile three years ago, and the business is still growing fast with more than 50% year over year growth in 2016.”

Spotify revealed in March that they had passed the 50 million paid subscriber milestone via Twitter. Today’s announcement suggests that trend has likely kept pace with the gains made by the company’s biggest rival, Apple Music.

Apple Music announced 27 million active subscribers last week.