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South Korea Investigating Apple Over Battery Blunder

South Korean investigators are launching a probe into the current Apple issue where it says it purposely slows down older iPhones to save on battery usage which means users have to upgrade to newer models.

The Korean Herald is reporting that the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office has given the case to the intellectual property-related crime unit.

It says Seoul-based civic group the Citizens United for Consumer Sovereignty has also taken action against Apple by filing a complaint towards CEO Tim Cook and Daniel Dicicco, head of Apple Korea. The group has said purposely deteriorating older iPhones through software updates is a ‘scam aimed at boosting sales of new models’. It has also claimed Apple should be charged with ‘fraud, property damage and obstruction of business by digital devices.’

Only last week Apple CEO Tim Cook came out and apologised for slowing down iPhones to save on battery usage. During his apology he announced a new update will be available in March where users can have a look at their battery health and have the option to run their phones at a normal pace.

The Italian government is also gearing up against Apple and Samsung getting its anti-trust unit to investigate whether or not they designed software to run slow on its devices.

Due to the global backlash from consumers Apple have reduced the price of its batteries, in Australia they dropped from $119 to $39.

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