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Sony Launching Audio Based Sonic Surf VR

Sony is releasing the Sonic Surf VR, a suite of spatial audio technology combined with new multi-channel speakers and software designed to simulate popping, moving, and partitioning sounds in one space using what the company says is an intuitive software application.
Sonic Surf VR can be used with location-based entertainment such as theme parks, special events, exhibitions, museums, aquariums and corporate showrooms. It can also be used as a stand-alone experience or combined with digital signage, projection mapping and lighting, creators and producers who are producing attractive and dynamic content.
Sony says, “Spatialfocused on visual experience. Sonic Surf VR is the industry’s first packaged solution offering a new type of VR from an audio perspective. It can produce powerful space of sound and further enhance VR experience by enabling multiple numbers of people to enjoy simultaneously without headphones.”
According to Sony, Sonic Surf VR is the industry first packaged solution which combines Sound Field Synthesis with speakers, a control unit and software based on an algorithm unique to Sony. It is also scalable depending on customer needs and location size. The authoring software license and player software licenses will be available in different durations to enable flexible operations.
The new VR was unveiled at SXSW 2018. It will be available in June 2018.
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