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Samsung S9 Labelled A Flop By News Corp Despite Having Not Gone On Sale Yet

Despite having the best smartphone in the world with their new Galaxy S9, carriers and retailers are reporting that pre order demand for the top end device is down when compared to previous models and that this could become trend as smartphone brands roll new models this year.

News Corporation has already labelled the device “A Flop” based on pre order demand, however this is seen as being a bit extreme considering the device has not gone on sale, yet.

The “flop” comment was made despite several News Corporation journalists being flown to Barcelona for Mobile World Congress at Samsung’s expense.

ChannelNews staff did not fly to Barcelona at Samsung’s expense.

See News Corp story here.

Samsung Galaxy S9 deemed a flop as experts warn that sales have HALVED

Executives at both Optus and Telstra have told ChannelNews that pre-orders for the new phone are down compared to last year, but they are not concerned by this trend as it was expected.

The device goes on sale in Australia

Retail executives have told ChannelNews that they believe that a major contributor to the fall in pre order demand is that consumers do not believe that they must pre order just to get a device and that thousands of Apple iPhone 7 and owners of older Samsung, or Android devices will upgrade to the new model when it goes on sales.

“Samsung is better able to control demand than Apple who are relying on third party suppliers for their devices. This was clearly evident with the launch of the Apple iPhone X when pre orders were out of control due to a shortage of Apple devices. This is not the case with Samsung”. A Telstra executive said.

News Corp claims, pre order sales have fallen by as much as half.

A review by ChannelNews reveals that the device is significantly superior to both the Apple iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2.

See review here.

REVIEW: New Samsung Galaxy S9+ Is A New Benchmark Smartphone

News Corp claims that a lack of any major upgrades isn’t helping in terms of sales which is seen by Samsung insiders, as a “ridiculous statement” as the device has not gone on sales yet and secondly, it’s packed with new capabilities that elevates this device to the top of the smartphone pack.

The S9, smartphone features a large Infinity Display and a powerful Exynos processor, the camera on the S9+ has been improved significantly via new software capability and a dual camera capability.

While the S9, looks similar on the outside the technology packed on the inside delivers a significant leap forward for smartphone technology claims reviewers around the world who have spent time testing the device.

Arthur Wood Research analyst Jeff Johnston, said that Galaxy S9 orders have fallen significantly compared to last year’s model and could be down as much as 50%.

He claims that the pre-orders are “significantly under-performing pre-launch expectations of 10% to 15% growth”.

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