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Sony Expands Laser Projector Line Up With Five Brightness Models

Sony Professional has added five new laser projectors to its line-up. The VPL-FHZ120L, a 12,000lm high brightness model for large venues, leads the launches. It’s joined by the VPL-FHZ90L (9,000lm), VPL-FHZ66 (6,100lm), VPL-FHZ61 (5,100lm) and VPL-FHZ58 (4,200lm). All models are in WUXGA resolution.

The VPL-FHZ120L (pictured below) and VPL-FHZ90L use a newly-developed LCD panel with enhanced light resistance. The VPL-FHZ120L boasts an optical compensator to improve contrast.

Sony’s Z-Phosphor Laser uses a blue laser as its light source alongside a 3LCD optical system,for clear RGB colour. Although mainly expected to be used for live events, the VPL-FHZ120L covers sRGB100 per cent making it suitable for exhibitions and museum use where colour accuracy is critical.

“We’ve seen a growing demand for High Brightness, large image projection as the merits of laser become more widely known and appreciated in the market,” says European Product Manager Robert Meakin.

The three new mid-range WUXGA projectors replace the FHZ57, FHZ60 and FHZ65.
The new models promise upgraded brightness, improved panel durability and a new Auto Colour Calibration function to improve usability. All of Sony’s new models are compatible with the latest software packages such as Vision Exchange and TEOS Manage.

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