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Sonos To Sue Google For Allegedly Stealing Speaker Technology

Sonos, the smart speaker maker, has accused Google of ‘blatantly and knowingly’ infringing on its technology patents and filed two lawsuits against them this week.

It comes after years of ‘quiet’ talks between the companies failed to reach a resolution.

‘Over the years, we have had numerous ongoing conversations with Sonos about both companies’ IP rights and we are disappointed that Sonos brought these lawsuits instead of continuing negotiations in good faith,’ a Google spokesperson told Gizmodo.

Sonos Speakers

But they revealed that they also intend on ‘vigorously’ defending themselves in court.

Google has had complaints filed against them in the Central District of California as well as the United States International Trade Commission – a quasi-judicial federal agency.

The complaints include five patents after Sonos reportedly warned Google about the alleged infringements on a number of occasions.

Sonos is seeking financial compensation and a court order to ban the sales of certain Google products – including laptops, speakers and smartphones.

CEO of Sonos, Patrick Spence, said that Google was an ‘important partner’ with whom they have successfully collaborated with before, ‘including bringing the Google Assistant to the Sonos platform last year.’

But Spence also accused the search engine giant of ‘blatantly and knowingly’ copying its patented audio technology.

‘Despite our repeated & extensive efforts over the last few years, Google has not shown any willingness to work with us on a mutually beneficial solution,’ Spence told the publication via email.

‘We’re left with no choice but to litigate in the interest of protecting our inventions, our customers, and the spirit of innovation that’s defined Sonos from the beginning.’

The New York Times first reported the lawsuits on Tuesday afternoon.

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