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Amazon Ring CEO Says Security Was ‘At Top Of Industry Standards’ During Hacks, Blames Customers

The CEO of Ring, Jamie Siminoff, has defended the embattled company’s security practices after months of reported hacking and leaks.

Ring, owned by global tech giant Amazon, has been hacked repeatedly in recent months – including a well reported incident involving a man accessing the room camera belonging to a little girl and harassing her.

‘When something wasn’t breached I think it’s hard to say that you could have done better,’ Siminoff told Business Insider in an interview earlier this week.

(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson, File)

He instead claimed that Ring’s security was ‘top of class’ and instead blamed the hacks on customers.

Siminoff claimed that Ring’s own network was not accessed and that the hacks were instead a result of customers using insecure passwords or customers failing to change their passwords after previous hacking incidents – not involving Ring.

But critics disagree – arguing that as a security company, the security onus is the sole responsibility of Ring, who should be more proactive to secure customers’ devices against future attacks.

One suggestion is to enable two-factor authentication for all accounts and sending alerts to customers when suspicious activity occurs – such as log in attempts from multiple locations.

‘Ring’s a technology company, it’s in the best position to secure access to its accounts,’ said Austin Moore, an attorney representing two couples in a class-action lawsuit filed on Monday against Ring.

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After multiple high-profile hacks last year, Ring promised it would introduce new security practices to protect owners in the future.

But they also confirmed that they would not introduce two-factor authentication and would instead develop a ‘Control Centre’ for users to control their own security measures.

Watch the most prolific Ring hack here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsJSDX0DfSA

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