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Sonos Planning Cheap Cylindrical Subwoofer

Pricy networked sound Company Sonos is looking to launch a cheap subwoofer.

Called the ‘Sub Mini’ the new concept is cylindrical as opposed to their larger big square and expensive offering.

The addition to the Sonos home theatre product line-up is needed as their current sub is which selling for $1,099 is expensive for many Sonos speaker owners.

Some claim that a sub is needed with Sonos speakers because the audio from their speakers is ‘ordinary’ compared to offerings from the other manufacturers.

What a cylindrical subwoofer could look like.

A Redditor spotted mention of a “Sub Mini” right in the Sonos smartphone app, and based on the text, it’s evident that this is a real product and not some mistake or placeholder text.

In the screenshot, Sonos describes the Sub Mini as a “smaller, cylindrical subwoofer.”

The pricing of the current Sonos subwoofer has been described as a high premium to pay for what you get.

The new Sub Mini won’t support a double-subwoofer scenario similar to what can be achieved with the current subwoofer offering.

The business who recently appointed Westan as their distributor is suffering from supply chain issues. They are also selling more products direct so that they can generate higher margins than their current 43% +

On the Sonos website, many products are backordered until late December and beyond.

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