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Foxtel Ignites Customer War With Netflix

New Foxtel boss Patrick Delany is gearing up to win back customers and restore profit from Netflix by changing what the company offers.

Speaking with the Sydney Morning Herald, Delany is eyeing off more sporting rights and alluded to the possibility of buying the rights to the Big Bash League.

The BBL is currently owned by Channel 10 but Cricket Australia is about to renegotiate its key broadcast contracts so there could be a new home for the summer series.

Delany told the SMH, “Australians love cricket, we love cricket and of course we would love to have it but it must make business sense.”

Foxtel has been battling with the US streaming service and seems to be struggling as Netflix reported an additional 8.3 million users added to the service last quarter.

Delany has been named the new Foxtel boss taking over Peter Tonagh who spent only two years in the top job.

He was previously the CEO of Fox Sports.

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