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Sonos Adds AirPlay but There Is A Big Snag

Sonos has finally released support for Apple’s AirPlay, but there is a snag, you have to own one of their new speakers get access.

Owners who don’t own a new Sonos Beam Soundbar or Sonos One or a recent Play 5 will not be able to get the service as these devices are used as an entry point to the proprietary Sonos network.

Owners of a Sonos product who are also restricted from getting access to content via a Bluetooth are being urged to buy additional speakers direct from the Company as opposed to a local retailer.

Sonos who are currently trying to raise $100M via an IPO has made it difficult to play anything from sources that aren’t officially supported on its speakers.

The company still doesn’t allow for Bluetooth streaming on its devices, and it hadn’t supported AirPlay at all before this latest update.

For users of Apple Music, currently one of the two most popular music-streaming services in the US, it also allows for a modicum of voice controls since Amazon’s Alexa assistant does not support voice controls for Apple Music on its own.

Sound brands such as Bose, Bang & Olufsen, Marshall, Pioneer, and Bowers & Wilkins are all set to deliver AirPlay as well as allow owners of their gear to access content via Bluetooth.

Also missing from the Sonos offering is access to Google Assistant or Google Voice capability, the Company who are struggling to make a profit is also facing problems integrating with Siri Voice.

While a more complete integration with Siri is unlikely for any speaker that isn’t made by Apple, Sonos is promising that it will add support for the Google Assistant, though it has only said that it hopes to launch that support by the end of 2018.

Brands such as LG who are using audio technology from UK sound Company Meridian already has support for Google Voice.

Arch rival to the Sonos sound system, Apple, who rolled out AirPlay 2 as part of its iOS 11.4 update in late May, this software update allows their its HomePod speakers to play the same audio across speakers in separate rooms, as well as the ability to play a pair of HomePod in stereo. The Apple speakers which are superior to the Sonos offering are already outselling Sonos.

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