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Some Oz Internet Services To Slow After HK Cables Cut

Internet service providers iiNet and Internode have warned their users to expect a serious slowdown in Internet speeds, following damage to a number of undersea cables between Hong Kong and Sydney.

The cables are said to have been damaged in two huge typhoons in the area, some 54km off the Hong Kong coast. Repairs are expected to take up to six weeks.

“We have temporarily routed via the US and redirected peering while the issue is outstanding,” the companies said. “Our network partner is currently engaged with submarine teams for initiation of repair process.”

The two ISPs warned that rerouting Internet traffic via the US would result in slower speeds as well as “latency and pack loss problems”.

One report said wholesale operators had “received a tentative repair completion of October 13, 2017”. “However these dates tend to change over time due to the nature of [subsea repairs],” wholesale operators reportedly said.

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