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Some Of Apple’s iPad Pro Range Won’t Ship Until July

It sure is nice to be in demand.

Just hours after the iPad Pros went on sale last Friday, demand and the ongoing components shortage means that delivery windows have slipped back to July.

This seems to only impact American customers at the moment, with 12.9-inch iPad Pro models showing delivery windows of June 24 – July 8 for the U.S. According to the Australian Apple Store, iPad Pros will ship here between May 24-28. This may very well change soon, though.

The delay is most likely due to the 12.9-inch models sporting the Liquid Retina XDR Display, which are harder to manufacture and suffer from supply issues. The 11-inch versions, that don’t have the new display, are still shipping in the last half of May.

Apple seem prepared for the shortages, announcing last week that it expects a US$3-4 billion fall in third quarter revenue, due to the supply constraints.

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