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Google Pixel 6 To Be Announced Soon

Google’s I/O tech conference is scheduled to take place in less than three weeks, and while we’re expecting some news involving the long-awaited Google Watch, rumours abound that a Google Pixel 6 announcement may also be on the cards.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai will open the conference on May 18 with a keynote, so we can expect the “significant product updates and announcements” he promised for Google I/O 2021 to happen during that speech.

Pichai also explained how Google’s “product releases are returning to a regular cadence”, which means we may not hear about the Pixel until September or October, in keeping with their cadences, so to speak.

Google is also rumoured to be entering the foldable phone market, with a product codenamed Passport. This is a better bet than the Pixel 6 to rear its head at Google I/O, given that Samsung Display have just filed copyright papers for a product called the S-Foldable, and Google will be hoping to get the jump on whatever that may be.

Google I/O takes place online from May 18.20.

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