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Smart ‘Selfie-Fridge’ Sales Triple In 2017

UK-based retail giant, John Lewis, has revealed sales of smart ‘selfie-fridges’ have tripled this year alone.

The new generation of smart fridges includes cameras which take photos of the inside of an individual’s fridge, which are then sent to a person’s phone.

The innovation ensures shoppers always maintain an up-to-date fridge inventory, and is sure to reduce duplication of groceries.

‘Smart fridges’ are also set to include integration with online shopping and offer assistance with recipes.

Examples of notable ‘selfie-fridges’ on the market include Samsung’s Family Hub – it includes three cameras and automatically captures images of a fridge’s contents, which are sent to a user’s phone when doors close.

Samsung’s Family Hub fridge is currently sold through a variety of Australian retailers such as JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and The Good Guys, currently retailing around A$5,300.

Nick Bevan, Head of Product Management at Samsung Electronics, states of the innovation:

“It stops you doubling up and cuts down on food waste, which is a big problem. It also means that if you see something unexpected on offer, you can check to see if you have the rest of the ingredients already in your fridge to make a certain recipe, or if you need to stock up”.

Bosch’s Home Connect fridge also offers camera integration, however, is said to be a more affordable option. John Lewis is currently selling the fridge on its online store for A$1,646, though does not offer shipping of the product to Australia.

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