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Smart Home Standard Matter Delayed Until 2022

The forthcoming smart home standard Matter, which was formerly known as CHIP, or Project Connected Home over IP, has been delayed until next year.

This is despite over 200 companies having committed to the standard, including big-hitters like Amazon, Apple, and Google.

A blog post from Connectivity Standards Alliance CEO Tobin Richardson announces the ‘updated timeline’ but gives no real reason for the delay, other than the need to get the code base right.

“In May of this year, we saw a development path with first devices through certification by the end of the year in 2021,” Richardson writes.

“With the completion of several test events and forecasting, our members have updated the schedule to reflect a commitment to ensuring that the SDK, and related tools, are ready to meet the expectations of the market when launched and enable a large ecosystem of interoperable Matter products.

“Our refined plans include ongoing SDK and certification program development in 2H 2021, targeting a “pre-ballot” version of the technical spec available to members at year’s end. In the first half of 2022, we expect to see the SDK released, the first devices through certification, and our formal certification program opening.”


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