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Smart Charging: Top-5 Innovative Chargers 2020

Innovative companies like Belkin, Crest and Cygnett have created a wide variety of chargers to power your devices as quickly as possible. This selection of products all think outside the box in how they are presented and how they deliver power.

1. Cygnett’s 8,000 mAh Power Bank With Solar Panels
Designed in Australia, Cygnett’s power bank comes with a detachable set of three solar panels, essentially providing you with an unlimited stream of power, so you can charge up your devices on the go, as and when you need it. The power bank itself has two USB-A ports and can charge two devices simultaneously.

For lighter travel, you can always leave the detachable panels at home and use the power bank on its own. A fully charged power bank can charge a smartphone three times over. The 8000mAh/29.6Wh lithium polymer battery can be recharged via the solar panels (20 hours) or the micro-USB input (5 hours). Price: $99.95

2. Smorgasbord’s Kuggstang Charging Rack
The Kuggstang is innovative not only in its tech, but also in its use as an organisation tool. As we accumulate more devices, it’s handy to have a go-to spot where you can always find the phone/tablet/laptop/wearable that you’re after. Designed in Australia, this USB charging station is crafted from natural bamboo and high-quality acrylic. Spanning just 14cm x 22cm, it doesn’t take up too much space either, and is much more sightly a jumble of cables.

It can fast charge up to five devices at once (from five USB ports) and has five rack slots, with hidden cable management. Like all Smorgasbord charging stations, the Kuggstang utilises a smart IC intelligent power chip, which optimises charging performance in the way it allocates power to your devices. The smart way of charging increases the long-term battery life of your devices.
Price: $119.00

3. ALOGIC Power Hub Multi-Device Charging Station
This sleek charging device – made from metal alloy and textured woven fabric – is from another Australian company. ALOGIC’s Power Hub Multi-Device charging station provides a centralised solution for the home – it can charge two QI-enabled devices via wireless fast charging (at 10W), while also charging a further two devices via the USB-A (7.5W) and USB-C (18W) ports. Weighing just 243g, it is compact and portable, suitable for on-the-go charging. Price: $149.95

4. Belkin BoostUP Wireless Charging Dock

The most functional nightstand for those with a both an iPhone (X, 8Plus, XS, XR and 11) and an Apple Watch (series 1-5). It is Qi-certified, meaning it will work with any Qi-enabled device, including tablets or other wirelessly charged phones and accessories. The BoostUP Wireless Charging Dock can fast charge your smartphone (via 7.5W) and smart wearable (5W) at the same time. It also offers a 5W USB-A port that can be used in conjunction with two wireless charges. Price: $249.95

5. Cygnett ChargeUp Swift
Another handy, portable power bank from Cygnett, the ChargeUp Swift offers 10,000mAh/37Wh. It allows for fast dual charging (10W) via the USB ports, or fast 10W wireless charging for any device that is Qi-compatible. When fully charged it can charge your phone up to 3.8 times via USB or 2.8 times wirelessly. The digital display at the top of the power bank tells you how much charging power is left, so you never have to go without battery. Price: $99.95

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