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Sky Muster Problems: NBN Co Considers Plan For Third Satellite

NBN Co is considering deployment of a third satellite in a bid to improve it’s much-complained-about Sky Muster satellite service, CEO Bill Morrow has told a Senate Estimates committee in Canberra.

Other possibilities raised by the NBN chief include piggybacking off a third-party satellite, building more towers, or improving the technology used on its existing two satellites. “There’s nothing that is sacred here. We are looking at anything and everything that might be feasible to offer more capacity,” Morrow said.

“We will look at enhancing the existing technology with the two satellites that are up there today; we will look at a third satellite to see if that’s feasible; we will look at other satellites that are third party … maybe we can leverage those satellites to get more capacity; [and] we will look at getting some other towers to relieve the congestion of the satellite beams that are coming down.”

Labor Party members have been urging NBN Co to order an independent expert review of the complete Sky Muster service. The party claims such an inquiry could examine a number of factors, including installation issues, data caps, outages, and lack of transparency between NBN and its retail service providers.

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