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Sharp To Invest In 4KUHD OLED TV’s After Japanese Market Turns Off 8K

Sharp is moving away from 8K TV’s and will later this year launch an OLED 4K range after sales in Japan which was seen as the #1 market for 8K TV’s chose 4K over 8K.

Sharp the #1 TV brand in Japan in 2018 is banking on high quality 4K Ultra high definition TV’s despite the upcoming Japan Olympics which will be shot and streamed in 8K.

In Australia several key retailers are looking to bring back the Sharp TV brand which was one of the biggest selling brands in the early days of flat screen TV’s.

Recently Sydney based distributor Tempo was appointed to sell Sharp products into the Australian market.

Now owned by Taiwanese Company Foxconn, Sharp will manufacture 55 and 65-inch OLED TVs with the panels supplied by LG Display the same Company who is supplying Sony and Panasonic with their OLED TV panels.

According to Nikkei.com the move his marks a new departure for Sharp, which in the past has had focused on high end 8K liquid crystal display or higher panels.

These TVs, made using the company’s own panels, were positioned as its main high-end models.

According to Nikkei 8K has not caught on in Japan as fast as brands hoped resulting in Sharp moving to regain market share with 4K UHD TV’s.

Sharp led the domestic TV market in 2018, with a share of 25.8% by value in IHS Markit data. But it slipped to 22.2% in the January-September 2019.

Archrivals Sony and Panasonic are also expanding sales of 4K UHD TVs using organic light-emitting diode displays, (OLED) which have proved popular in Japan.

For Panasonic 55-inch 4K and larger, unit sales jumped more than 30% on the year in the April-November period of 2019.

Panasonic says sales have been strong enough to offset the slowdown in demand for 8K TV’s following the rush in purchases ahead of last October’s Japanese market consumption tax hike. Sony’s 55-inch OLEDs have also sold well.

In Australia Panasonic is struggling to be competitive in the TV market with their LG Display OLED TV’s facing competition from LG, Sony, Hisense and TCL models that are often cheaper than the Panasonic models.

This has created concern among retailers selling Panasonic TV’s especially as floor space is critical and TV’s over 65″ take up space that is valuable and need to sell through.

Japan’s official launch of 8K broadcasts in late 2018 had created hopes of a shot in the arm to a listless TV market. But so far, only public broadcaster NHK has broadcast such content.

Japanese media claim that ittle online video is available in 8K and that the Japanese market dont believe in upscaling.

Adding to the pressure to grow sales in the Japanese domestic market has seen TV manufacturers jockeying for consumer demand in time for the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo.

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