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Sennheiser Offers Solution For TV Audio Problem

German audio giant Sennheiser have launched TV Clear, an audio transmitter that provides users with an optimal listening experience with improved speech clarity and a personalized audio settings.

The TV clear improves the listening experience for those who find speech clarity and dialogue to be an issue when watching their favourite television. Sennheiser have fitted the device with five speech clarity levels – providing up to 20 dB high-frequency amplification – to experience crystal-clear dialog.

This setting can be enabled independently of the TV or speaker’s audio settings, allowing the user to enjoy their own volume levels while others watch at a sound level comfortable for them. As a result, those who are hard of hearing or would otherwise require subtitles no longer have to miss out.

Audio is delivered via a pair of True Wireless earbuds which provide users with supreme comfort and quality, whilst remaining subtle and inconspicuous. The Ambient Awareness mode allows users to stay connected to their environment and those around them, making it ideal for TV viewing with family or friends. This feature can be disabled for a more private experience.

Credit: Sennheiser

The TV Clear system offers multiple device connectivity, able to link to televisions via the transmitter, or to televisions, smartphones, tablets and more via Bluetooth. The transmitter features low latency streaming technology which keeps video and audio in sync, resulting in the best viewing experience.

Settings can be controlled via the companion TV Clear App, which is intuitive and guides users through every step. The app delivers customization for touch controls and sound preferences, as well as boasting a Find My Earbuds feature.

The TV clear battery lasts 15 hours on a single charge when used with the transmitter and is bumped up to 37 hours with the accompanying charging case.

The Sennheiser TV Clear Set is due for release later this year and will cost $619.95 AUD.


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