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Searches Favour Bottom Line

Google research into Australians’ search habits last year has brought some surprising finds.

You may think the year of the lockdown would see Uber Eats or Deliveroo top the list.

But no, it’s toilet paper alternatives, including bidets, that were the big winner of the covid lockdown.

Searches phrased as “toilet paper alternatives” increased 36,100 percent, from 50 to 18,100 searches when comparing March 2019 with March 2020.

Google Search found the traditional “toilet paper” search phrase rose only 27,627 percent in the same period, from 4400 to 1.2 million searches.

Of alternatives though, paper towels topped the list  – up 1642 percent, followed by bidets, up 1263 percent, baby wipes 658 percent and tissues 652 percent.

Another big winner was the Federal Government’s HomeBuilder, rising 1021 percent from 6600 in June 2019 compared with 74,000 12 months later.

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