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Scammers Putting QR Codes On Parking Metres To Redirect Payments

With QR codes being ubiquitous over the past few years, it was only a matter of time before scammers saw them as a way to lure easy pray.

Officials in a number of Texas cities have issued warnings after scammers have put fake QR codes on parking metres to trick people into paying into random accounts.

San Antonio police warned the public that “people attempting to pay for parking using those QR codes may have been directed to a fraudulent website and submitted payment to a fraudulent vendor.”

The Austin Transportation Department said it was also “notified of a QR code scam by the City of San Antonio in late December—when more than 100 pay stations were stickered with fraudulent codes.”

Officials located 29 such fake QR codes when doing a sweep of parking pay stations.

The codes directed drivers to ‘Quick Pay Parking’ at the domain passportlab.xyz, which has since been taken offline.

“We don’t use QR codes at all for this very reason, because they are easy to fake or place on the devices,” Austin parking division manager Jason Redfern told local station KXAN.

“And we heard from industry leaders that this would be a possibility.”

Austin city officials said they are “continuing to inspect the City’s more than 900 pay stations to ensure there are no additional QR codes in use.”

“Any person who believes they were a victim of a credit card breach due to recent parking meter payments should file a police report and notify their card issuer immediately.”

Of course, all with all good, easy scams, this one will no doubt go worldwide. So, don’t pay for parking via a QR code.


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