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Sandisk Launch 400GB MicroSD Card


With an influx of smartphones now armed with microSD support, consumers have voiced their desire for storage spaces over 256GB – thankfully Sandisk has come to the rescue and announced a 400GB version, which is on-sale now.

Sandisk’s Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card is fast and robust, and able to read data at 100MB/s. Sandisk has not provided an exact write speed, instead simply stating it is lower. The card will be able to load apps faster as it meets the ‘A1 App Performance Class specification’.

The card has a notable price-tag of A$329 (US$249.99) on Amazon.

With an ability to store a vast number of 4K videos, and even a good portion of your music library, 400GB is definitely a decent amount of storage.

Available on Amazon, and able to be shipped to Australia, thus far Sandisk Australia has not provided any information on local availability.

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