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Samsung’s New Robovac Has World-First 3D Sensor

Samsung Electronics has announced the release of its new robot vacuum cleaner, Jet Bot AI+, which was first unveiled at CES 2021.

“Jet Bot AI+ reflects Samsung’s ongoing dedication to creating connected appliances that deliver dynamic performance that can adapt to the varying needs of our consumers,” said Hyesoon Yang, Vice President and Head of the Customer Experience Team of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics.

“We’re truly excited to introduce a robot vacuum that comes with industry-leading object detection and recognition technologies. Consumers can now clean their homes more intelligently and efficiently using the AI-powered Jet Bot that makes cleaning more personalised and convenient.”

Samsung is touting its active stereo-type 3D sensor as a world-first, claiming its 3D depth camera is equivalent to 256,000 distance sensors. This is perfect for object detection, as well as picking up micro fibre and pet fur.

Jet Bot AI+ is also equipped with an Intel AI solution, which recognises objects on the floor, other appliances and furniture. It’ll avoid sucking up toys, while steering clear of expensive, fragile items.

It boasts an Advanced 5 Layered Filtration system, and collects dirt and hair in a 2.5L dust bag – which should only have to be emptied once every three months.

The Jet Bot can be controlled remotely using the SmartThings app, is powered by voice, and can be schedule to clean certain rooms.

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