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Samsung Trademarks ‘S-Foldable’

Samsung are going hard on its foldable technology, with numerous Z Fold and Z Flip products due to roll out this year. But LetsGoDigital has discovered a new trademark filing that suggests this is just the beginning.

Samsung Display filed a trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the Korean Intellectual Property Office for the name ‘S-Foldable’, under a ‘Class 9’ application: “[For] display panels; display for smartphones; LCD large-screen displays; flexible flat panel displays for computers.”

This filing and the class under which it was filed would indicate new foldable screens of some ilk, especially considering it was Samsung Display who filed the trademark. The ‘large-screen displays’ certainly makes the mind run with possibilities.

Maybe the new ‘S’ branding suggests some form of three-fold screen. Or maybe it simply stands by ‘Samsung’.

Or maybe Samsung are finally getting into the S-fold curtains game…


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