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AFP Investigates Microsoft Tech Support Scam

The Australian Federal Police have set up Operation Rayko to investigation a Wollongong-based business that is scamming Microsoft users.

The business offers Microsoft support service, using the company’s logos, an official-looking website, and even a phone number, but then sends the ‘clients’ to offshore scammers. They gain remote access to computers, and attempt to pry other sensitive information from the users, and sell them out-of-date software in the process.

“In this instance the offending involved charging victims for products they didn’t need, and products the business was not authorised to sell,” AFP Commander of Cybercrime Operations, Chris Goldsmid, said.

“However, the consequences can be much worse — allowing scammers access to your computer may put you at risk of malware, computer viruses or even the theft of your identification details and sensitive personal information via remote access that can occur without your knowledge.

“It just goes to show that scams have evolved, they’re not as obvious as an email from a Nigerian prince anymore. Modern-day scammers are very technologically savvy and they will exploit victims’ trust in respected institutions to gain a profit.

“Be wary of downloading software from third-party sites, as some of them might be outdated or may have been modified to include malware and other threats,” he concluded.

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