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Samsung To Reveal New TV & Audio Range On March 3

Samsung Electronics will roll out their 2021 TV line-up and new monitors on the 3rd of March worldwide.

Samsung global has sent out invitations to an event dubbed “Unbox & Discover,”, what will be revealed is new MiniLED TV technology along with new models.

What Samsung will confirm is their premium 2021 TV line-up including a 110-inch version of its Mini-LED TV.

There will also be a 99- and 88-inch version of its MicroLED TV. The Samsung event comes days after archrival LG revealed their 2021 TV technology and models.

Also coming is the QLED NEO which is being described as a complete new light source TV.

In reality it’s a Mini-LED backlight TV with a few unique tweaks from Samsung.

Both Samsung and LG are set to follow TCL into the Mini LED TV market, this is a new TV technology that packs thousands more tiny led backlights behind an LCD panel than ever before.

TV manufacturers claim it delivers better control of lighting including brighter highlights, better black levels, better shadow detail, and less halo around bright objects on dark backgrounds.

The only difference from what we saw in 209 is that Samsung is now calling their offering NEO.

What we don’t know is which models will be 8K Vs 4K, what we do know is that two of the models launched in Australia will be 4K.

Another interesting development is the advancement of TV audio.

Samsung is adding more speakers to the back of its TVs to deliver more immersive sound effects and to enable object tracking sound on more models of TVs, LG is also offering new sound technology.

Object tracking sound or as Samsung describes it Q Symphony is what the Korean Company uses to refer to the way in which it tweaks TV audio, so it sounds like effects related to action on-screen are coming from the screen itself, from wherever that object is located.

When a Samsung TV is paired with a Samsung soundbar, Q-Symphony allows the soundbar and TV to work together to enhance the audio experience.

Samsung has sent out invitations to global partners and media for the event set for March 2 in the USA and March 3 in Australia.

“Samsung will share its vision for how the company’s latest innovative products are set to redefine the role of the TV through cutting-edge technologies, beautiful design and impactful partnerships,” it said on the invitation.

The event will be livestreamed on Samsung.com and YouTube.

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