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As Telstra Rolls Out 5G Apple Starts Planning 6G For iPhones

While Telstra is still tipping billions into rolling out a 5G network Apple has moved on to 6G technology with the smartphone maker now advertising for 6G engineers.

Apple has confirmed it has already started work on sixth generation 6G mobile connectivity, what’s not is how many years it will be before we see the technology sold in Australia.

The job listings are for positions at Apple’s offices in Silicon Valley and San Diego, where the company works on wireless technology development and chip design.

“You will have the unique and rewarding opportunity to craft next generation wireless technology that will have deep impact on future Apple products, “according to the job announcement. “In this role you will be at the centre of a cutting-edge research group responsible for creating next generation disruptive radio access technologies over the next decade.”

People hired for the positions will “research and design next generation (6G) wireless communication systems for radio access networks” and “participate in industry/academic forums passionate about 6G technology.” Industry watchers don’t expect 6G to roll out for another six to eight years which means that the likes of Telstra are going to have to get a quick return on their 5G network.

Bloomberg said that Apple’s current iPhones use 5G modems designed by Qualcomm with future modems potentially designed by Apple.

In order to get 5G into the latest iPhones, Apple settled a contentious lawsuit with the San Diego-based chipmaker. Apple’s early involvement in 6G research and design indicates it won’t wait around for the next major advancement.

Late last year, Apple joined an alliance of companies working on standards for 6G and other next-generation cellular technologies. The standards and timing for 6G are still loosely defined, but some analysts say the technology could enable speeds more than 100 times faster than 5G.

Insiders are tipping that Samsung who is already working on 6G will beat Apple to market with their offering, the only problem is will carriers have the revenues to invest in 6G networks.

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