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Samsung Tipped To Merge Galaxy S & Note Line

Samsung is reportedly planning to merge its Galaxy ‘S’ and larger ‘Note’ line, as the Korean giant seeks to expand its smartphone portfolio and move away from flagship-centric devices. The news is also tipped to make way for Samsung’s first foldable phone.

According to Korean news outlet, The BellSamsung Vice Chairman, Jay Lee, is considering merging the two smartphone lines, following massive growth from Chinese rivals – e.g. Huawei, Oppo and Xiaomi –  in the mid-range to low-range market.

Growth in the mid-end contrasts declining flagship sales, following low replacement demand.

As previously reported, many consumers have opt to stay with their older Galaxy devices, citing incremental changes between the S8 and new S9.

Recognising that the new Note 9 will bear a stark resemblance to the former Note 8, the Korean giant has reportedly forecast just 12 million sales for the new Note device. It follows a reported 11 million sales for Note 8.

As previously reported, Samsung is set to unveil not two, but three, variants of the forthcoming Galaxy S10, with some commentators speculating the inclusion of a Note-esque stylus and larger display for the S10+.

If proved correct, the new S10 variants will appeal to lovers of both the ‘S’ and ‘Note’ lines, with Samsung also benefiting from increased manufacture and R&D savings.

Synthesising its ‘S’ and ‘Note’ smartphone families is also tipped to provide room for Samsung’s forthcoming flagship foldable phone the [currently named] ‘Galaxy X’.

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