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Samsung Tipped To Launch New Patented SAMOLED Display

Samsung who have made a name for themselves producing high quality display screens for both smartphones and TV’s is set to take display quality to a new level according to sources.

The Company that for years has manufactured the display screens for Apple iPhones and their own Galaxy smartphones is set to reveal SAMOLED.

The Samsung Galaxy S11 looks set to contain a raft of new technological advancements. While the 108MP image sensor was already known, the latest news points to a 20:9 image ratio indicating a taller screen – one that will feature the new display technology, SAMOLED.

The current-generation Samsung flagships devices including the Galaxy S10 lineup and the Galaxy Fold, both come with Dynamic AMOLED display.

he company is also using Super AMOLED display for its mid-range and premium mid-range phones.

But in the future their premium devices is set to feature a brand new display technology that has recently been patented with the first models featuring the new SAMOLED displays which set to be shown for the first time at Mobile World Congress.

According to documents filed in South Korea with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) the Samsung Galaxy S11 smartphone will come with SAMOLED display.

The trademark application has been categorized as Class 9/11 with the description mentioning OLED display; smartphone display; monitor; television screen; digital signage; computer screen’. On the same day, the company also filed for the same trademark with the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office).

The new display is tipped to be a major development in terms of display technology with several of their premium TV’s set to incorporate the new technology.

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