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Samsung Survey Reveals TV Sizes May Have Peaked

If you are getting fed up of your rectangular TV getting bigger and bigger and taking up a larger chunk of your living space, you are not alone according to a new Samsung survey.

While everyone wants a “bigger TV” they also want them to blend more into the living space according to a Samsung Consumer and Customer Insights survey which is most probably why, the Korean Company is now offering TV’s that literally blend into a wall or are a Frame.

Like most manufacturers, Samsung answers to two audiences: end users and retailers who sell their products.

To ensure it’s attuned to the needs of both influence groups the company commissioned a survey and what they found was that shoppers and sales associates are pretty much on the same page when it comes to TVs.

Top of the list was the need for a TV that provides “a great picture” under all room-lighting conditions, the survey showed.

For dealers, the desire was to genuinely offer their customers the “best technology” available today and be able to explain the difference between brands.

What did come to the surface was that shoppers are actually getting concerned about the form factor of today’s large-screen panels, with respondents decrying “the huge black rectangle” in their rooms, Samsung said.

Retailers, on the other hand, put it more diplomatically, asking for new design approaches that can fit more home decors.

Consumers are also peeved by the spaghetti nest of wires and cables coming out of their sets, and said they dislike the clutter caused by multiple remotes.

Similarly, retailers called for “convenient installation options” on models and simple controls for their customers.

Shoppers also complained of difficult and time-consuming set ups of their new sets, and retailers said those challenges often lead to store returns.

Samsung said it managed to address those pain points with its 2018 QLED line through innovations like:

a single combined connection and power cable, and Bixby voice control, to reduce clutter;

an “invisible” ambient mode on all QLED models, and the painterly-inspired The Frame line, for improved TV aesthetics; and

HDR10+ compatibility, and full-array direct backlighting on its top-of-the-line Q8F and Q9F sets, for better contrast in all lighting conditions.

What’s more, for the subset of consumers consumed by gaming, the QLEDs’ adaptive refresh technology provides stutter-free game play.

As a footnote 33 percent of consumers taking part in the survey owned a Samsung TV, representing the highest brand penetration of any of the company’s product categories (mobile was second at 28 percent), and suggesting the sets are also top-of-mind with retail sales staffs.