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Samsung Defends Galaxy Fold Hinge

As concerns are being raised over the Galaxy Fold’s potential screen crease, Samsung has released a video showcasing the device’s durability.

In the video we see various Folds undergoing a factory stress-test, with robotic arms folding and unfolding the devices again and again.

The company has claimed that the upcoming device can withstand 200,000 folds, so about five years of use if it’s folded around 100 times a day.

After the device was revealed at Samsung’s Unpacked event, once the initial fanfare died out, concerns over the devices’ aesthetics started making the rounds online.

Most notably the fold gap when the device is closed and a display crease when unfolded.

According to numerous reports, when folded the device’s two sides fit at around 85-degrees, so it cannot fold entirely flat, leading to the fold gap.

This gap is visible in the video — blink and you’ll miss it.

However, compared to other foldable phones in the market — the Royole FlexPai — the design is miles ahead in terms of aesthetics.

It’s unclear if a display crease and fold gap will deter fans of the device, although perhaps consumers will hold out for a more refined — and cheaper — version in the future.

The Fold is slated for a US release on April 26 with prices starting from US$1,980. Local pricing and availability have not been released.

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