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UPDATED : Seiki TV Brand Liquidated In OZ

Seiki Australia has been placed into liquidation with questions now being asked about warranty claims on Seiki TV’s following the Companies collapse which took place in 2017.

At a recent general meeting of the Company it was resolved that the entity be wound up and that Daniel Jean Civil be appointed liquidators in Australia.

Seiki Australia a none related entity to Seiki brand owners was liquidated in 2017.

Seiki international ( Brand owner of the Seiki brand ) appointed Ayonz as their Australia/Newzealand Distributor in late 2017.

Currently Seiki products are being sold in Australia by both online and mainstream retailers including Winnings, 2nds World and Target, these products are supplied by Sydney based distributor AYONZ who had no involvement with the original Seiki Company.

The Seiki local web site ranges TV’s, washing machines and UHD 4K TV’s and air conditioning. AYONZ have and continue to offer warranty on Seiki goods currently being sold in Australia.

The winding up related to a Company that was set up four years ago flogging Seiki TV’s to several retailers.

When they initally got into trouble Dick Smith bought a great deal of Seiki stock without any warranty, Dick Smith eventually went broke with debts of over $400M.

ANONZ is offering a three-year warranty on Seiki goods currently being sold in Australia.

In the USA retailers such as Walmart sell Seiki branded products and in the UK they have a partnership with Dixons.



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