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Samsung Set To Move To QLED TV Technology ‘Superior than OLED’ Company Claims

Samsung Electronics is set to bypass OLED TV technology altogether, with the Korean powerhouse, Company set to reveal new QLED technology that has been described as “superior” to OLED TV technology currently being pushed by LG Electronics.

Several weeks ago the Samsung VD display management team in Korea decided to “bypass” OLED TV technology in favour of the new QLED technology that uses Quantum Dots with a size of between 2 to 10 nanometers.

The new plan will be presented to the board shortly claim insiders.

QLEDs advantages over OLED claim Samsung management is that it delivers pure colour and a 30-40% luminance efficiency advantage over organic light emitting diodes OLED TV’s.

It also delivers low power consumption — QLEDs have the potential to be more than twice as power efficient as OLEDs at the same colour purity claim display experts.

Samsung executives said that the worlds #1 TV manufacturer, can deliver the QLED panels significantly cheaper than OLED TV’s because when they set up their production lines they will be able to print large-area QLEDs on ultra-thin flexible substrates that significantly reduce luminaire manufacturing costs.

The new Samsung display screens will also come in ultrathin, transparent, flexible form factors, that allow designers to develop new display and lighting forms not possible with existing technologies.

The move which ChannelNews was told was the way forward for Samsung, subject to board approval, is set to create a major divide between LG’s OLED technology and Samsung’s new QLED technology which the market could start seeing late in 2019.

Samsung is expected to show a prototype of the new technology at the CES show in Los Angeles in January 2018.

Samsung management is currently preparing a medium to long-term roadmap for the new technology.

When asked what was wrong with OLD technology insiders claimed that OLED has weaknesses such as the life of a panel, burn-in problems, and is an expensive product to manufacturing, a problem that LG Electronics is having to come to grips with as they ramp up their OLED TV manufacturing investment.QD_LED_description

Instead of delivering new technology, Samsung recently chose to expand on their Quantum Dot Display technology for their 2016 TV range, claiming that it was “equally” as good “if not superior” to other technology TV technology in the market.

Insiders have told ChannelNews that Samsung has been testing OLED TV technology internally for several years and that they are firmly of the belief, that it is not a display technology that is worth investing billions of dollars into in the short term.

“Yes it looks good but there is better coming” one Korean executive said.

A Samsung 55-inch OLED TV will be released in the last quarter of 2016 but there will not be a range of OLED TV’s from the Korean manufacturer.

“Although we have been developing and paying careful attention to OLED technologies, there are problems regarding age and production cost with large products since they use organic material.” said a high-ranking official of Samsung Electronics.

“The VD Business Department is now developing new roadmaps for next-generation TV’s based on QLED technology.” They said.

Samsung executives have confirmed that SUHD TVs, which use Quantum-Dot display technology will make up the bulk of new Samsung TV’s, for at least the next two years while the Company builds new production capacity for QLED TV’s.
The new QLED TVs will be launched at CES 2019 if the board accepts the recommendations of the VD Business Department.


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