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EXCLUSIVE: JB Hi Fi To Be First To Sell 4K 360 Degree Action Camera

JB Hi Fi is set to be the first mass retailer to launch the brand new 4K 360fly action camera, it will go on sale this weekend at selected stores.

360fly’s first 4K 360-degree action camera joins a 1080p model, also coming later this year will be a new 360fly drone that will push the the Solo 3DR drone into the bottom end category because it is only Go Pro 180 degree capable.

The spherical-shaped cameras feature a single 360-degree top-mounted that captures 360-degree video without stitching multiple videos together.

The 360fly camera which is already being used by TV stations in Australia, for live sports coverage, can be mounted on a variety of sports equipment from helmets to surfboards as well as to a tripod.497389912

The cameras transfer 360-degree videos via Wi-Fi to a connected smartphone or tablet, whose 360fly app uploads them to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social-media channels. On a tablet or phone touchscreen, users can move the video with a finger to view a scene from all angles. The video can also be viewed in one horizontal 360-degree spread.

The 360fly 4K camera is waterproof to 10 metres and offers a battery life of up to an hour and a half.

New features available in the 4K version include LIVIT live-streaming compatibility, front-facing camera mode, time-lapse video, GPS, telemetry-data capture, and expanded internal memory.

With LIVIT live streaming, users can live stream 360-degree content through the LIVIT mobile app. The front-facing camera mode, also called first-person point-of-view mode, captures a video or picture in traditional point-and-shoot style, recording videos and pictures with a 16:9 aspect ratio and 178- by 100-degree field of view.

With time-lapse video, users create a 360-degree time-lapse video by selecting 0.5-, 1-, 2-, 5-, 10-, 30- or 60-second shutter intervals.

The device captures telemetry information through its altimeter, accelerometer, and GPS sensor, which also tags locations. Users can track altitude and speed, and third-party applications can be used to overlay telemetry data onto 360-degree video content.

Internal memory goes to 64GB.

Also new is color-coded lighting around the OnePush control button and the bottom ring of the mounting dock for better visibility and mode recognition.

The details are as follows:

• Front-Facing Cam (“First-person POV Mode”): Not all situations require a 360-degree field of view. During those times, 360fly 4K users can select “POV Mode” to record video or capture a photograph in the traditional point-and-shoot style. “POV Mode” records in a 16:9 aspect ratio at 2560×1440-pixel resolution, with a field of view of 178×100 degrees (204 diagonal).

• Time-Lapse Video Mode: Tell a story in a dramatic fashion by capturing a 360-degree time-lapse video. Users can select 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60-second shutter intervals.

• Telemetry: The 360fly 4K camera features a built-in GPS sensor to tag locations, an altimeter, and an accelerometer – all powered by an advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. Users can track altitude and speed, and use third-party applications to overlay the data into their existing 360-degree video content.
• Expanded Internal Memory: The 360fly 4K camera boasts 64Gb of internal memory. With increased storage, there’s no need to pause your adventures to offload video.

• OnePush™ Button Color-Coding: For clearer visibility and mode recognition, the 360fly 4K camera features an enhanced design with color-coded lighting around the OnePush button and the bottom ring of the mounting dock.

• LIVIT Live Streaming: In partnership with LIVIT, camera users can live stream their 360-degree content across the LIVIT mobile app – so your friends and family can see all the action in real time; no editing or uploading required.

The new model is retailing for $849.95 which is $156 more expensive than the same 4K 360fly camera in the USA which is retailing for US$499.