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Samsung Set To Launch 2024 TVs Next Month Ultimate 4K Content Key

The Australian TV market has slowed despite consumers stepping up their screen sizes, this has led to brutal competition between brands especially at the top end of the market, and in the affordable premium market where TCL, is mopping up sales that in the past have gone to the likes of Hisense, Sony and LG and Samsung, due to discounting.

In what was a surprise move LG Electronics, were the first major TV brand to announce their 2024 range with Samsung responding with the announcement of an anti-glare TV with their full 2024 range set to be launched in Australia shortly.

What we do know is that LG and Samsung are set to go head-to-head on features and display technology, in particular OLED technology with Samsung now selling TV’s that use LG manufactured OLED panels.

What Samsung is pitching is that TV’s today, are more about streaming content, processors and the use of AI to manage picture and audio quality.

Arch rival LG Electronics is pointing out the quality of their flagship LG G4 OLED evo TV and the innovative LG M4 OLED evo TV, as well as their new premium LG C4 OLED evo TV, QNED, along with the introduction of lifestyle features including the StanbyME Go.

Big on Web OS improvement LG owners can now create up to 10 profiles for tailored experiences, with personalised recommendations and easy access to favourite content apps.

During the past 12 months several brands dropped their 8K offering but not Samsung with a key feature of their 2024 offering being the up scaling of content to 8K.

I recently pointed out to a senior Samsung executive, that what Samsung is really offering is ultimate 4K quality due in part to there being little if any 8K content available.

And if what is happening in the USA and Europe, where Samsung has already launched their 2024 TV’s the market is in for some interesting offers.

How about being able to pre-order a 2024 Samsung TV and get a 65” TV for free, which is just one of the deals being offered in the USA.

Prior to the start of CES 2024, Samsung global claimed that 40% of premium shoppers say they’re considering an 8K TV as their next purchase.
The only problem is that consumers are not interested in 8K in Australia according to retailers, however they do want better streaming quality and that’s where Samsung’s new engines are set to deliver a new viewing experience.

In the range this year is a QN800D and QN900D Neo QLED series, both of which are being offered in 65″ inches through to 85″ screen sizes.

The new Samsung engine will now upscale even SD/HD content into 4K-like resolution, and 4K content into 8K with 8K AI Upscaling Pro.

Samsung are also the first TV brand to support a maximum VRR of 4K 240Hz — which is ideal for people who game on a large screen TV.

Other technology set to be announced is AI Motion Enhancer Pro that can analyse what sport consumers are watching and help them track the specific kind of ball with crystal clarity.

Samsung claim that “You can actually see the ball as it zips across the screen”.

There is also Real Depth Enhancer Pro, this technology, maximises Mini LED control, so you get enhanced contrast that makes content come alive.

By Combining Quantum dot and OLED technology, Samsung is looking to deliver the best of two display technologies.

These TV’s individually deliver self-lit pixels that eliminate the need for LED backlighting as well as an LCD display layer, which increases brightness and colour accuracy.

The new features set to be rolled out next month by Samsung Australia, the market leader in TV’s is seriously cutting edge, all we have to do now is wait for the official launch of the model.

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