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Sony Unveils New 247MP Camera Sensor

Sony has designed a new medium format sensor, with 247MP resolution and 16bit processing. Colour and monochrome versions have been unveiled for its “industrial” use IMX811 sensor.

It’s similar in size to the sensors used in the Phase One IQ4 digital backs, and is bigger than the Type 3.4 used in cameras such as the FujiFilm GFX100 II.

It’s a Type 4.1 back-illuminated CMOS sensor, and it’s currently unknown if it will arrive on consumer cameras or digital back. Realistically, the IMX811 sensor will be seen in a new camera system.

Sony has released specifications, and owners will get a 3:2 aspect ratio sensor, with a 19,200 x 12,800-pixel count, and 16bit output up to 5.3fps. This can be upgraded to 12fps by dropping to 12bit.

As well as its industrial application, it’s likely to be exclusive to well-paid professionals, or gear rentals, because if it came to market, it would be expensive to manufacture.

It’s unclear if this will make its way to the consumer market.

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