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Samsung Said Mysterious Alert Sent ‘Unintentionally’, Apologises

Samsung has apologised to customers after it accidentally sent out a mystery alert to thousands of devices last week.

Impacted devices received a notification from Find My Mobile in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Some customers said on social media the alert had woken them up, while others were concerned their device had been hacked.

In a statement, the Korean-based tech giant explained the alert had been sent unintentionally to a ‘limited number’ of devices.

Thousands of customers took to social media and Reddit to post complaints about the alert, with many sharing screenshots of the notifications and asking for the meaning behind it.

It impacted Galaxy devices running on Android 10 or newer – including Samsung’s latest Galaxy S20 phones and its new Z Flip device, alongside some Samsung tablet computers.

The alert did not contain any meaningful text and did not have any further action if it was tapped.

Samsung said the text was a result of an internal test and that it had not done any harm to the devices that received it.

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