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Huawei Has New Mate X But Google Says Don’t Try To Load Android Apps

Chinese Company Huawei has revealed an updated version of its folding smartphone the Mate X but as one analyst said “Who cares” with their products banned by US Companies due to security risks.

The new device was released as Google was warning people and owners of new Huawei devices not to circumvent the ban on Google apps that affects the latest model Huawei phones.

The restrictions on Google apps date back to May 2019, when the US government placed Huawei on a trading restrictions database called the “entity list”.

That restricts what kind of deals US businesses – such as Google – can do with the company.

And because Google owns the Android phone operating system, that decision has affected Huawei’s Android phones.

Retailers in Australia are set to shun the new he knew Huawei Mate with the Chinese Company looking to sell the new Mate XS online.

Executives claim that they have made the device more resilient than the original Mate X, following concerns that folding phones were too easy to damage.

Most major carriers and mass retailers have already dropped or are selling old Huawei stock following the ban by Google.

Owners of recent Huawei devices have discovered that they cannot download the Google Play app store or any of the hugely popular apps such as Gmail, YouTube, or Google Maps.

As a result, Huawei sales staff and Company executives have been telling that they can still download the apps from unverified sources.

But now, Google has warned this “sideloading” – manually installing app files found online – is “high risk”, as the files may have been tampered with claims the BBC.

CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood said Google was right to warn people the practice was “risky”.

“Unless you are 100% certain about the integrity of the app, it is not a risk worth taking,” he said.

Google said it was now releasing official advice because “we have continued to receive a number of questions about new Huawei devices”.

Desperate to get traction for their struggling brand Huawei spin doctors are still spruiking new products such as the Mate X.

They claim that Huawei has made the screen of the new Mate XS more resilient than the original Mate X, following concerns that folding phones were too easy to damage.

The device was unveiled at Huawei’s own event in Barcelona, after the Mobile World Congress (MWC) trade show was cancelled over coronavirus fears.

After problems with the original design Huawei says it’s now using a “quad-layer” construction for the screen on the Mate XS.

The top two layers are manufactured from polyamide film, which are stuck together using a clear adhesive.

Below that is the flexible OLED display.

There’s also a softer polymer layer that acts as a cushion and a final layer to connect it to the main body making the $3,000 device an all plastic construction.

Huawei claims it’s improved the design of the hinge, saying it should feel much smoother and more durable compared to the original Mate X.

Huawei has also been forced to improve the processor and is now using a house brand Kirin 980 that has an integrated 5G modem rather than a separate component.

Huawei also says it’s redesigned the phone’s cooling system to allow it to bridge the folding portion of the device.

The Mate Xs has a quad-camera array on its rear that can also be used for selfies.

Huawei claims the Mate XS can show up to three apps simultaneously, with one on the left side of the display, one on the right, and a third in a floating window.

Analysts are not confident that the device will be successful outside of China.


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