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GLAP Launch Phone Gaming Controller Backed By Samsung

A ‘Samsung-approved’ dual shock wireless phone gaming controller, called GLAP, is now available on Amazon US for around US$90.

The news comes as flagship smartphones continue to ramp up gaming capabilities, with GLAP capitalising on an associated accessory market.

Made exclusively for Android smartphones, users can gain a more immersive gaming experience via a handheld controller.

According to GLAP, the controller is “designed for maximum comfort and amplifying sound effects, and its ergonomic textured grips minimise fatigue and ensures players can play for hours without losing grip”.

Its rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of play in one charge, and it comes with built-in Bluetooth 4.1 Technology, which ensures a stable and continuous connection.

The GLAP offers the best fit when combined with the Samsung Galaxy Note series of products (9, S9+, S9, S10) but will support any Android smartphone with a screen size up to 7.5-inches/10.1mm thick.

The GLAP is compatible with the wide library of games on Steam Link (via Galaxy Apps and Google Play), as well as Steam games on a Windows PC.

In related news, Samsung’s PlayGalaxy Link app is expected to arrive in September.

When launched, it will be exclusively available to Samsung galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ devices.

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