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Samsung Promises Innovation, ‘Cutting-Edge’ Tech & Compelling Products For The Decade Ahead

The President and Head of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung has promised to bring on an ‘inspiring’ new decade full of innovation, growth and change.

‘Unpacked is my favorite time of year. It’s here that we set the tone for the mobile industry and we open people’s eyes to new possibilities for the future,’ Dr. TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business at Samsung, said.

‘I’ve had the pleasure of leading the development of mobile devices with breakthroughs that have come to define the last decade of smartphone innovation, starting with the very first Galaxy S and more recently, the Galaxy Fold.

‘Today, I’m excited to say that we believe we are at the dawn of an inspiring new decade filled with the promise of growth and change.’

(Photo: Dr. TM Roh)

Dr. TM Roh’s promised future is one that he says will bring about growth and change for the smartphone industry, while at the same time relishing their responsibility to ‘lead’ the next decade.

‘As a leading player within the mobile industry, we relish our responsibility to lead next decade, empowered by experience innovation, cutting-edge technologies, and most of all, compelling products,’ he said.

It was just 50 years ago that Samsung Electronics was founded and with that came one clear purpose – to use ‘the power of technology to create a better world,’ Dr. TM Roh said.

He also stated that he was driven by Samsung’s commitment to break down barriers and make what some thought to be impossible, possible.

‘Now, here at the start of 2020, we are excited about the opportunity to define a new era,’ he said.

‘An era that is defined not simply for innovation’s sake but to truly enable experiences that are more personal, meaningful, private and secure; that will create more intelligent connections across devices, people, businesses, and communities.’

(Photo: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked)

The new era and all of his promises will be enabled by three most important technologies, according to Dr. TM Roh, which are 5G, AI and the Internet of Things (IoT).

‘As the leading innovator of new mobile experiences, Samsung is proud to drive the convergence of these technologies across various smart devices, including Galaxy phones, wearables and PCs.

‘Through open collaboration with industry leaders, such as Google and Microsoft, we are building the robust connected ecosystem in the world.’

Samsung has promised that the decade ahead will be exciting for consumers, the tech industry and their own development.

The first of those many exciting launches, Dr. TM Roh says, will be at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event on 11 February.

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